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About North Coast Countertops LLC WELCOME North Coast Countertops understands that building or remodeling a home is a big decision so we want to help you to design rooms that fit all your needs. That is why we offer quality products and services at affordable prices. We carry a large selection of products for your home or office. When customers choose North Coast Countertops, they not only receive a quality product, they receive a full range of services including job-site measuring, designing, laser templating, and installation. FAMILY OWNED We are family owned and operated, and you can expect a unique hands-on approach to all your projects. We will know you by name and take the time to understand your individual needs. Our full service starts with measuring and designing, and can continue with a complete installation. North Coast Countertops takes pride in offering the highest quality products and personal service to the discriminating buyer. MISSION STATEMENT - KEEP Quality products with a reputable name in the industry with great customer service which is why North Coast Countertops is your one stop countertop shop. PRESENT Today, the business is constantly growing and adapting to new technologies that have been introduced to the industry. Our machines are complemented with portable laser templates that go to job sites to allow for precision fabrication of material. We know that even with the finest machines we would be nothing without the great people who work hard to support our customers' needs. We have quickly grown into our great family of trusted and hardworking employees who are dedicated to serving the needs of North Coast Countertop's growing customer base. FUTURE There are no guarantees in life, but we hope to be able to continue to provide Greater Anchorage and Alaskan homeowners with quality spaces where their families can love and grow for many years to come. We are excited to say that we have plans to continue to expand, adapt and grow. THANK YOU We want to thank all our customers for their support. It is because of our great customers and their continued support that we are able to continuously grow and serve both urban and rural Alaska. We are humbled by the vast number of customers who come in because a friend or neighbor recommended us. We know this is the best form of marketing and we will always do our best to ensure that our customers love the products they purchase and they are pleased with our service.