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North Coast Countertops offers a variety of informational resources to help you choose the best stone options for your home or office, as well as learn more about care and maintenance of your new countertops and process.


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FAQS about countertops

FAQS about
the process

10 questions
to ask
before buying countertops





This is a list of popular questions that many people have when starting a kitchen, bath, or other project. Please note that every project, house, and customer is unique and there may not be one right answer to every question. Please contact us for specific answers to any questions that you might have.


  •  We are building a new house. When is the appropriate time to begin

     working with a kitchen and bath designer?


    Every project is unique, but generally, any time you have a rough idea of about how much space you will be leaving for the kitchen and bathroom, we can start working.


    Decisions that you make with us will require coordination with your contractor, plumber, electrician, and flooring company. The earlier that plans are finalized with us, the earlier that we can get your drawings to your contractor. This will ensure that drains and electrical wiring are placed in the proper locations. Depending on the season, we have a lead time of 1-3 months for cabinets and countertops. (This means that when you finalize your plans, it will be 1-3 months before the product will be ready for install.)


  •  What is the process from start to finish for kitchen or bath projects?


    Dream, Design, Finalize, Install. Terry - can you please add details to this page.

  •  What is the cost to have someone come out and measure at my house?


    All measuring and design work are free of charge. IS THIS TRUE, TERRY??

  •  I am in a hurry. Can you accommodate me?


    Please call us to see how we can help accommodate your situation.


  •  Do I get to keep your drawings?


    We provide all our design work free of charge. Because of this, we typically do not release the drawings until you have made a deposit for purchase.


  •  Will you install?


    Yes. In order for us to warranty your stone countertops, one of our qualified installers needs to install the tops.
    We would not have to install laminate countertops.


  •  When do I pay for the project?


    You would make a 1/2 deposit when you sign paperwork finalizing your selections. The rest will not be owed until the product is either picked up or installed.


  •  What forms of payment do you accept?


    We accept credit, debit, check, or cash. We will recommend that you call your bank or credit card company to ensure that you are able to make a charge or withdrawal of that size prior to payment if you choose to pay with a debit or credit card.